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                                   APPEAL FROM A COMMUNITY

Sometimes we do not realize of certain priorities which can elevate ourselves and our community.

It is never late to ponder and reflect in order to know that we can do more and better toward our
community so it can be more progressive,  united, diversified and  exemplar where our families
can live  in a spirit of mutual cooperation.
The Parish of Santa Catarina in Island of Fogo, Cape Verde, has a diversified and cultural
community,  linked in many ways, as we all know. This is an important factor toward development
in any society.

This Parish has a community without many resources, it can be said:  it is really poor,  but with
many potentials to grow and develop.

To have development one should have the spirit of initiative, cooperation,  understanding,
education and trust.
We can agree to disagree,  but at the same time  we can focus in the objective of  a mutual  
unselfish cooperation between all,  in the intuition to do better to improve  our community life
style of the less unfortunates and make it competitive.

During many years the sons and daughters of Parish of Santa Catarina, saw in the immigration
one way to improve their lives without forgetting the origins.

Many of us for some motives, did not know or are not knowing of how to participate  in  the
development of the same, perhaps it is not lack of will, but yes education.

Immigration is a fundamental factor for the County of Santa Catarina in the Island of Fogo, Cape
Verde, it has a very important role – as we all know -  toward of its development.

We should  think more and get a bit of time and space to seek the union of  our community in a
common slogan without any political or religious interference, do our best to help the
disadvantaged  so that our society  be more progressive and exemplar.

In any endeavor a good organization is a must for its success.

To have a good organization, education, information, cooperation and ethic are parameters  that
should be followed.
We can or should create a list of Friends of Parish of Santa Catarina, Fogo, to serve as a note  
book of information where all can add their names and contacts, to serve as a data-base, so we
can know more about  our community and be more organized.

The world is getting more globalized, we are living in a time where the information is traveling so
fast practically instantaneous,  the information is a key for development, therefore it would be
very important if we get together in this common objective, by sending your contact, name,
address,  e-mail, telephone or through a friend to:  
or by phone  781 986 1089
Joaquim Fontes